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What are the issues at stake?

Every Texan is a public education stakeholder, and because all public education issues are decided in the realm of public policy, we all have a voice if we choose to use it.

As voters, we have the privilege of choosing who will represent us and make the decisions we believe to be in our best interest on a wide range of issues. Which issues you consider most pressing likely depends on your vantage point. Educators obviously should care about where their candidates stand on education issues, but they are not the only ones who should be inquisitive during election season. Taxpayer concerns frequently center on testing and academic accountability, while parents are focused on the quality of the educational experience and individual attention to student needs. Regardless of your perspective, all stakeholders have reason to view education as a critical issue during elections. Through Teach the Vote, ATPE is highlighting the education issues at stake in the next election and helping you learn your candidates' views in areas specifically related to public education. 

Under each issue, you'll find:

  • The question(s) we asked candidates. (Search for a candidate's response in 2014 Races.)
  • An explanation of the issue.
  • ATPE's position on the issue. ATPE's positions are derived from the ATPE Legislative Program, a member-written-and-approved document that lists ATPE's stances on education issues.

We encourage you to become more familiar with the state of public education today and to formulate your own viewpoints. The information on the Take Action and Resources pages will help you communicate with candidates and officeholders and become involved in the political process. Visit our blog for updates on developments at the Capitol and more information about how you can help advocate for public education.